Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Candy and Dinosaurs

We took the kids to the Broomfield Mall today to spend the money they got from the tooth fairy game we played. They wanted to buy candy from the specialty candy store. Gloria used hers to buy a plastic tube to fill with powdered candy. It was like creating sand art. Danya used hers to buy giant gummy snakes, ew!

Danya and Gloria both loved rolling on their Heelies all around the mall. The floors were perfect for gliding long distances. They also got to jump on a jupiter jump and have dinner in the food court.

Kevin's favorite part was the little indoor playground. The girls were too big to play on it. It was jam packed with kids, but Kevin hung in there. He climbed on dinosaurs, rode on their heads, and crawled all around talking to babies and big kids alike. He seemed surprised that one little boy offered to help him up onto a dinosaur, but didn't understand Kevin's sign language, lol.

Another Kevin related event was that while we were at the mall Daniel put Kevin up on his shoulders. Kevin took the opportunity to knock Daniel's glasses off. One lense popped out, but the screw stayed in. Luckily we were able to get them repaired quickly at an optometrist's store in the mall.

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Sarah said...

how cute!!!!!!!! exspecially the sign language thing. he's so smart