Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Future of Public School

I read this article today: The Village Raising Your Child. It is down right scary what's happening to public school children from Kindergarten on up. How can the courts support the public school's right to take complete authority of your children the minute they cross through the doorway of the school? photos

I think this push for mandatory mental health screening in schools is going to become a reality in the next year or two. My prayer is that homeschoolers will not be forced to comply with it. I'm afraid they'll come up with some idea like "you can't get vaccinations unless you also submit your child to this evalutaion". In some states where the mandatory school age ends at 16, they've gotten around that by making a law that says you can't get your driver's licence before the age of 18 unless you show proof that you are attending school. It doesn't matter if you've already graduated. I also see an even greater mass exodus from public schools coming as they try to wrest more and more authority away from parents. Here's an article about physical illnesses that often get misdiagnosed as mental disorders.

If you haven't read any books by Phyllis Schlafly, you should. She covers these topics and others in a way that makes sense. I'm going to be asking Daniel for her books as birthday and Christmas presents this coming fall. Oh, and the picture in the bottom right of the post is of the Police tactical team members in Moore, Oklahoma preparing for school shootings at Central Junior High School.


christina said...

THis is so sad! and scary. i need to get one of those books and let steven read it and i would like to read also. I hate the control they want of my kids i brought them into this world and i want to raise them.

Anonymous said...

What on earth does public school have to do with medicating kids. Seems to me the problem is parents who are either lazy, scared, uninterested under informed and/or misinformed, coupled with gung-ho doctors who over or misdiagnose. That can happen to any child, regardless of who educates them *eyeroll*