Thursday, August 16, 2007

Carts and Confusion

Here's a picture of Kevin when he decided to snag the shopping cart and walk off tonight. We were at Target (again) and he just stood up, grabbed the cart, and began pushing it down the aisle! He was so proud of himself. He kept looking back as if to make sure that we were noticing his amazing accomplishment, lol.

We were shopping for a baby gate for the bottom of our staircase. We ended up finding one at Walmart for about $20. Daniel put it in the cart, then later I added a few things to the cart, and we checked out. I think Daniel messed up when grabbing the original box. He thinks I added items to the wrong cart. Either way, we ended up with a baby walker instead of a baby gate when we got outside the store. He didn't notice when he paid for it either.

So Daniel will be returning it tomorrow. If he's right, and I actually grabbed someone else's cart who just happened to be near us with only one item in the cart that looked just like ours, then someone may be loading their vehicle right now and discovering that for some reason they just bought a baby gate.

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Sarah said...

lol i love that pic of kevin he looks so cute. he is growing up so much.