Monday, August 13, 2007

Popcorn Pals

Today we picked up Shannon in the afternoon after we finished our homeschooling for the day. She came with us to Target where we all shared a small bag of popcorn.

We shopped for some small items from the "Dollar Spot" at Target. We're making a "treasure box" for our homeschool. Whenever one of the kids accomplishes something like being able to flawlessly say whatever they've been memorizing lately, or finishing reading a big book, they'll get to choose something out of the treasure box.

Until now we had little rewards, like when Danya memorized her 8 times tables, we flew her to bed every night for a week. She loved that, sticking her arms out to the side, stretching her body out flat, and making airplane noises while we zoomed her from the stairs to her room. But it was too hard on my back, so we need a new reward system. Hence, the treasure box.

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Sarah said...

awwwww how cute. i wish i could have came. :( my dad is bombing the house again for spiders and i had to get the bird out for the day tomorrow so my mom had me bring him over to her house tonight and had me spend the night.