Friday, August 10, 2007

Love Comes Running

Daniel took the kids out yesterday morning because I'd had a rough night with Kevin. He was keeping the house quiet so I could take a short nap. He called me after they had visited a couple of parks on their walk and I told him to head back home and I'd meet them on the way.

When we saw each other at opposite ends of a long sidewalk Gloria's face lit up like the sun and she took off running towards me, arms pumping. I wanted to take a photo to capture that expression of love and joy. I am so blessed. This is such a big part of why we homeschool. I want to keep this close relationship, not lose it to the attitude that develops in public school kids.

I've spoken to many homeschooling moms who say that they decided to put one or more of their children into government school for a year. Within months they tell me that their kids are becoming rude, disobedient, focused on boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, and suddenly won't play with their younger siblings. And they start to believe that their parents know nothing and only their teacher holds the truth.

My prayer is that our family will stay close and loving. I love the way my girls treat their little brother. They are patient, helpful, compassionate, playful. And I love seeing that God has really placed on their hearts a desire to reach out and embrace the new children that He will place in our home soon. They don't talk about them as the "new kids" who will be coming. They talk about having new brothers or sisters.

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Glenda said...

That is exactly why I want to homeschool too.