Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rough Housing

I noticed that wrestling on the floor with three kids is extremely difficult yesterday. When they gang up they are stronger than me! So now I'm wondering how we will wrestle when our family size increases. I have the feeling we are going to get crushed, lol! We got a call from our county adoption people yesterday. They are sending out our home study info to various children's caseworkers this week. They said they have a lot of sibling groups right now, so that's good.

They also said we could very possibly end up with a group that includes a child very close to Kevin's age. That would be fun. Kevin would have a buddy, so he wouldn't have the same problem my little sister did. Toni is 5 years younger than me. So my brother and I often played together, and she got left out. Kevin is 5 years younger than Gloria, so we are really hoping that one or more of the kids will be between his age and hers. And it would mean that Kevin will have a partner to back him up for Thanksgiving family football when we play against the Maxwell twins.

Now we are just waiting for a call from the people who do the actual safety certification. Hopefully that will be in the next week or so. I think our house should be fine, and we are going to double check the list just to make sure we haven't missed anything.


Sarah said...

cool thats great

Glenda said...

Sounds like you may have your new kids soon. How exciting. Sad that there are so many sibling groups in foster care available for adoption. I admire you for taking these steps.

Shannon said...

hope you get a 1,4,61/2 years old.