Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Multiplication Rock!

Today the girls and I danced 'til we were breathless while listening to Multiplication Rock on our cassette player. I found it at the Broomfield library yesterday. We all really liked it. We were all shouting out the answers when they were singing about multiplying by 3's. Shannon just sat and laughed at our silly dancing until I told her she had to either join us or find another room to hang out in. She joined us and we just kept right on dancing and multiplying.

I love School House Rock videos and songs. I'd like to have a whole collection of them someday. I think Shannon thought I was a little crazy dancing unselfconciously with my girls. I don't mind looking foolish if I'm having fun with my kids. Some of my best memories of my mom are of times when she would act silly with me. I liked to sleep with the radio on when I was younger. My mom would come into the room late at night and lip-synch to the music while dancing around my room in the dark. I've always loved my mom's playfulness. I hope my kids remember the same thing about me.


Sarah said...

I remember those tapes, they were so fun. One of the good things that our school actually did for us. we had math, grammer, and goverenment things like about how a bill becomes a law school house rocks.

I have a good life said...

The Broomfield Library! My Dad was on the board for years and years, many as president. How cool is that!?! When I grew up in Broomfield, the library was this little tiny building off of Midway. Now it is a beautiful big building. Cool. Those tapes sound wonderful. I will have to try them for the kids. Thanks for the book. I hope you got your money! :)

Anonymous said...

We love the School House Rock dvds, here. I often catch my children singing little tunes from them. Another great hit is Magic School Bus dvds or videos. And we also enjoy listening to different audio books when traveling or cleaning the house. I requested that my library get some of the Jim Weiss audio books. They're great!

And another really fun cd to listen to is Beethoven's Wig. We found that one at our library and check it out often. Have you heard of it? If I'm not mistaken, I think there may be 2 other cds in the series but we've only heard Beethoven's Wig.

I sent you an e-mail to your yahoo address. I wasn't sure if you checked that e-mail often so I thought I'd tell you about it. :)

God bless you and yours!