Monday, August 20, 2007

Fast Update

Sorry I've been busy, not much time to post. We're working to get the house ready for inspection tomorrow. We've been cleaning, decluttering, and finishing a few projects. Daniel cut down some dead tree limbs, hung cabinets in the laundry room that had been sitting on the floor, and cut and nailed up some trim pieces along the floor. We also got caught up on all the laundry. Our washing machine broke last week. We had to order a part to fix it. Daniel replaced it all by himself! He's so handy! The water hadn't been draining. We had somehow washed one of the girls plastic bracelets and it broke a plastic part that sucked the water out. It's all taken care of now, and I have to say the basement looks amazing. I even cleaned up my whole scrapbook area, organizing, throwing away acumulated paper piles and I also organized the homeschool materials cabinet. I'll post pictures tomorrow or the next day.

Wish us luck on the inspection and on my final hearing examination tomorrow! Just for fun I've added the before and after photos of the downstairs bathroom.

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Glenda said...

I am so excited that it is inspection time. Sounds like you all are ready.