Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm With the Band

Well, today I finally got up my courage to join the band at our church. They've been asking for a couple of months every Sunday morning if anyone who's interested would come to band practice. I talked to their one trombone player a few weeks ago, but I got so nervous at the thought of sounding awful that I didn't go.

A couple of years ago I sat in with our church band in Oklahoma. Usually, the worship leader will write music (for whatever instruments are needed) that goes along with what the praise team is singing. That music was so complicated and in such strange keys that I couldn't even begin to play it. Thankfully, the trombone music written by the music director at our current church (a guy named Dean) was fairly simple and easy to learn.

Apparently they've been praying for another trombone player, which seems strange to me since alot of people say that trombones are a little too noisy for a small group. I'm going to get a copy of the music on Sunday and sit in with them for a couple more Wednesday night practices. Then, hopefully, I'll start playing with them on September 9th. That's my plan anyway. Daniel says that the next time we have my high school band reunion back in Oklahoma I won't have to be nervous. Doing the math of it, if I practice every Wednesday and perform every Sunday (52 weeks in a year minus a couple of snow days) I'll get to play about 100 times per year. LoL, that's like playing every day for 3 months of the year. Hope I'm up to it!