Saturday, August 25, 2007

Walking to Yard Sales

We pulled the kids in the wagon today for a 3 mile walk. On the way we visited a few yard sales. I got some books (big surprise, right? lol) and Kevin decided that it would be amusing to throw them out of the wagon every few feet for the next couple of miles. So technically I got extra exercise. I got to walk a long way and I had the joy of bending over repeatedly to pick up the books.

We call Kevin "Dr. Destructo" because wherever he goes he leaves a wake of destruction in his path. His favorite, by far, is pulling books out of the bookshelf. He also loves to prove me wrong. When he was once again pulling out all my big boring not-for-Kevin books about parenting and homeschooling, I showed him the inside of a book and said, "See! No pictures! This book is not for you." A minute later he pulled out my Usborne Easy Spanish book which, essentially, is a comic book designed to help you learn Spanish. It's chock full of bright colorful pictures. He showed it to me with a look as if to say, "See! Pictures! This book must be for me!"

His new trick is to steal a book and use one hand to slide it down the hallway as he crawls away. We've been finding books in every corner of the house. I think the truth must be that he can secretly read already. He's devouring novels and nonfiction in out of the way corners so that we won't get suspicious when we see our one year old moving his lips while he looks at those books. But I'm on to him!


Glenda said...

Dr. Destructo is cute. I say that I come with a personal demolition crew anywhere I go. I am always amazed at how fast we can change a clean room into complete choas (even while sitting quietly on the couch with their hands folded.) I feel like I should enter stores or homes with a disclaimer sign that says I am working on all these behavoirs. Send detailed statement of damages to such and such address.

Jess said...

That's hilarious! That will probably be my situation as we get more kids. See, we're just catching up to your crew.