Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lowe's Kids' Projects: squirrel feeders

Every other Saturday Lowe's has a kids building project at 10 a.m. This week it was squirrel feeders. The girls have aprons from Lowe's with pockets for holding nails that they wear each time. They also get a pair of goggles and are given a child size hammer to use.

On the way out of the store after the activity was done we decided to let them pick out some spray paint. We're going to put their squirrel feeders out in the yard. We already have a resident squirrel that we see out there all the time. Now that he'll be getting fed regularly, I'm sure he'll bring friends. Th girls also get a neat patch for each project they complete and a certificate. I file the certificates in their school work portfolios for the year and staple the patches to their aprons. They are so proud of each of their patches!

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