Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Own Parking Lot

I've been wanting to buy the kids some Hot Wheels for a long time. Until today they only owned about five cars. Those things are about a buck a piece at Walmart. Today I finally hit the mother load.

I found a yard sale where they were selling two big boxes full of vehicles. I bought all of them for $15. We counted at home and there are just over 400 of them! So by my calculations I saved $385 plus tax. And Kevin can smash them, draw on them, lose them, or break them and I won't be upset because they aren't brand new and they only cost about 3 cents a piece.

The oldest car we found said 1941 on the bottom, although we don't know if that's the actual manufacturer date. We also have 4 General Lee's, 1 Boss Hog car, and Daisy Duke's jeep. Not to mention a Domino's Pizza car, 2 Transformers, a British double decker bus, the Ghost Busters car, some Micro Machines, and a bunch of other unique vehicles. Kevin's so cute when he makes his "vroom vroom" noise with them! Danya has already decided she's "collecting" all the race cars and Gloria likes the ambulances best.

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OldQueen44 said...

Wow would my 8 grandsons go crazy for that find.