Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reserving Books

I like to go online to my public library's website to search for and reserve books for homeschool. Some we've reserved and checked out recently were a series about The Odyssey written by the author of the Magic Treehouse books. Last week I reserved some from a different library system and yesterday we went to pick them up.

They hadn't called to tell me they were ready, which was strange, but I thought nothing of it. It turned out that I only had one book sent to their branch. All the rest were sent to a different branch. So we drove across town and the kids got to enjoy two libraries in one day. Kevin liked the inside toys and the statues, also the miniature railroad display. More than that, he liked yelling to hear his voice echo loudly through the library while I tried to browse through the homeschool books.

The girls got to play on the playground outside the library. We also read a few books before we left. Some books I'm reading right now:
1. The Educated Child by William J. Bennett
2. Empire by Orson Scott Card
3. Federation by Judith Reeves-Stevens

Daniel has always thought it was strange that I like to read multiple books at once. I'm sure if I was a public school kid they'd call it a form of ADD or something. I just don't have any trouble tracking multiple stories or learning lots of different information at once. The first book I'm reading for knowledge, the second one I'm reading out loud to Daniel, and the third one is just for me, for pure enjoyment.

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Daniel Elliott said...

The Empire book is very good not one you want to put down a lot like the other Orson scott Card books.