Monday, May 14, 2007

Having a Ball!

Today we had a fun day in our homeschool! After the kids did some seat work and practised their times tables, we played some fun new games. I got the games out of a book called 365 After School Activities .

First we made a circle and tried to roll all different small balls as fast as possible while keeping them inside the circle. Then Daniel joined the game, setting Kevin in the middle, so we changed the game. We kept rolling them fast, but tried to keep them away from the "ball monster". Kevin filled his role very well, stealing balls and then rolling them at us.

Next we played "Penny Drop". We took turns scattering 10 pennies on the carpet, then picking them up and dropping them into a small cup. In order we tried it with just our right hand, left hand, right foot, then left foot. The girls kept a chart and Daniel timed us. Danya beat Gloria overall by just 7 seconds!

Then we experimented outside at the tennis courts with all different kinds of balls. We had a soccer ball, tennis ball, wiffle ball, football, beach ball, and a rubber playground ball. We used a bat to try hitting each one, then we kicked each one, then we tried dribbling some of them. We discussed why the design of each one is perfect for the game it's used in. Then we used the tennis court net as a soccer goal. Daniel was the goalie and the girls tried to work together to get the ball into the net. They actually scored about 6 times! We played a few other crazy games and then we went in because it was starting to rain. What a great day!

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