Thursday, May 10, 2007

City Dollars at Work

They have had signs up ever since we bought our new home that said there would be construction and renovations going on at the park this spring and summer. They said they were going to do something to improve "irrigation".

As far as we can tell they are tearing up the park, ripping up the sidewalk, and making alot of noise just to install an unnecessary sprinkler system throughout the park. It already has beautiful green grass throughout. So I'm not understanding why they are going to all the expense and trouble.

On the plus side, Kevin loves watching the big machines working. The girls like hopping over and looking inside the deep trenches all around the park. I guess they avoid liability from leaving these gaping safety hazzards everywhere by putting in those tiny little colored flags everywhere. The neighborhood kids have been pulling up the flags and playing games with them. So at least all this construction is providing some amusement.

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