Friday, May 11, 2007

Too Hot!

Today we were out checking out a couple of nearby garage sales when we decided to take a break at this cute little park we spotted. The kids loved the whale and frog that rocked. Kevin did not love trying to fit on the whale with his sisters for a cute picture. It was hot and his stomach was squished, so he promptly threw up on me as I was putting him in the van.

Meanwhile (back at the ranch), our brand new air conditioner was only managing to cool the house two degrees. Don't get me wrong, the basement was a veritable ice box, but the main floor was 76 degrees. Kevin has been fussy all day due in part to the heat. So after his afternoon nap and dinner I stuck him in the tub to splash his little heart out. Danya was icked out because tiny tomato seeds were floating in the water (Can you guess what we had for dinner? Home made fajitas, mmm!)

On a happier note, the girls finally got their Mother's Day gifts finished, so we can mail them out tomorrow to their great-grandmas. I apologize in advance, Mom and Nancy, that they won't arrive on time. I did get a sweet card from my mom-in-law and some adorable photos of my nieces, thank you! (I am so blessed with a wonderful m-in-law!) And the girls also got to try out a fun new kids web site that we found today. It's the Magic Schoolbus website. We already tried one of their earth science tours which ties in neatly with what Danya is studying right now.

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