Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Physical Education" A.K.A. "Family Fun"

We're trying to start the new school year out on the right foot. We're attempting to follow a more set schedule of three hours of school in the morning from 9am to noon, and another hour in the afternoon. This morning after our seat work was finished we all went out for a little "P.E." at the park.

It's so great having a park, playgrounds, and a tennis court right outside our front door! We use the tennis courts like a school gym, for playing ball games and using the lines to define game areas. I want to eventually get some new "P.E. equipment". I want to get bigger jump ropes, bases for baseball/kickball, and some scooters, and also maybe a batting tee.

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christina said...

danya looks so tall , outside of being held by you. wow, looks like fun