Monday, May 14, 2007

Backing Up

Kevin has mastered going backwards on his little fire truck. I'm more nervous than he is when he's on that thing. I'm always afraid he'll see something pretty on the ground and dive off to get it. He's happy, though, beeping the horn and making "vroom" noises.

The other day we were wrestling in my room on the bed when he practically jumped over his dad to get to me. He did a nose dive into the covers but he didn't cry or even pause. He just pushed back up and tackled me. That kid loves to wrestle. Maybe it's because the girls have let him climb all over them and tickled him like crazy ever since he was little. If they stop tickling his foot, he'll actually get mad and stick it in the air waving it for them to tickle some more!

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christina said...

he is all boy isnt he, cantrell loves to wrestle. they are so daring and not really scared very often about anything, just an occassional fear.