Friday, May 25, 2007

Final Performance of 2007

Danya's last day of the Homeschool Connection charter school was on Tuesday. That night they had a final performance. Danya got to read a poem, sing "This Land is My Land", dance and act in a short play. She got to be an octopus and an elephant. It was all very cute. The only part I didn't like was the play about a Colorado ghost story that the 11 yr olds did. It was disgusting and inappropriate. I took Gloria out of the auditorium until it was over. It just reminded me that I need to look for a Christian homeschool class next year if I want the girls involved in an extra curricular activity. I'm planning to let the director of the program know that we won't be coming back if they continue to do those kinds of plays. My small children do not need to hear gruesome details of a dead soldier's appearance.

They did a slide show at the end that was really cute. They requested pictures last weekend, so alot of the photos I took on field trips this year were in the presentation. They gave us all copies, which was nice. I'm looking into school choice options for next fall already since we'll have to enroll the kids we hope to adopt, at least for a semester. We're considering an online program where the public school provides materials, but the kids can learn at home. At least they wouldn't be dealing with the problems inherent in a new school on top of the situation of possibly being adopted as well.

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