Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nacho Night!

Daniel bought a huge tub of cheese for melting at Sam's a while ago. We are just now getting close to the bottom of it. Tonight he made a yummy nacho mix. All it consisted of was cheese, hamburger, and fresh diced tomatos, but it was delicioso!

Lunch today was also especially good. I made burgers on the electric grill. I cooked them with cheese and honey barbeque sauce. They were scrumptious, if I do say so myself.

Yesterday I organized my kitchen a little. We have two big drawers that we hadn't found a use for yet. So I cleaned them out and filled them with canned goods laying on their sides. That cleared up space in our pantry, which was over flowing previously. We also cleaned and organized the garage a few days ago, so now we can easily get to the extra fridge/freezer and the extra pantry shelves. I'm trying to imagine what it will be like to cook for 8 or 9 people instead of just four (or five if you count Kevin). I may end up feeling like I live in the kitchen. But then, I'll have alot of help, too!

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