Friday, May 25, 2007

Fingerprints Finally!!

We've been waiting and waiting for our FBI background checks to come back approved so that we can move forward with the adoption process. They are finally here! We spoke to the Adams County person today and she said we are good to go! She should have the paperwork processed by Tuesday. Then we just have to wait for a call from the case worker to come inspect our house and interview us. Then they can officially start looking for a match for us.

We found some kids on the Adopt US Kids website that live in Colorado and seem like they'd be a good match, but they would have to live in Adams County. We don't know if they do or not. But the person I spoke to today said that they have lots of sibling groups available in Adams County so there won't be any problem finding us a match. Keep praying with us!

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Daniel Elliott said...

Finally one more step out of the way. We know it is all Gods timing but this is furstrating waiting. I guess He is preparing us even now.

we will finish the hous stuff this weekend and then we have vacation.
after we get back hopefuly we can get the rest of the steps done to start our 6 monts with adams county before we can look at any other kids. God has them picked out for us so it is up to him.

God Bless you.