Monday, May 14, 2007

Fun in a Box!

The kids watched me open all my Mother's Day gifts and of course they were the most excited about the boxes that they came in. In the background of this photo you can see the girls putting a propeller on their box to make it an airplane. Kevin was fascinated with the flaps and with the interesting taste of cardboard.

Later while Gloria was making a special dinner for me with Daniel (roast beef, cream of mushroom soup, carrots, and potatoes, YUM) Danya took a renewed interest in all the scrapbooking things I got. She came downstairs to help me quickly assemble a 6 x 6 mini album to document our homeschool year. Danya had given me stickers that said "First Grade and Second Grade". So now we have the album ready we can just start putting the pictures in.

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