Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fire Hydrant Science!

We decided to take a break from home repairs today and spend some time relaxing with the kids. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and passed by the construction workers who are installing a new irrigation and sprinkler system at the park next to our house.

They had just opened a fire hydrant! The girls and I splashed through the water, freezing our toes and laughing like crazy. Then Daniel and the girls tossed stuff at the head of the flow of water and watched to see where it would travel to. They threw objects of different weight like Gloria's bike helmet and some dandelions to see which would go faster and float better. We examined objects that were blocking the water and moved them to see how it changed the flow. Mostly, though we just enjoyed it.

Later we found another stream and followed the water up several blocks until we found the hydrant it had started from. The girls were excited, like they were exploring a mystery. I had forgotten how amazing things that seem common place are to children.

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