Monday, May 21, 2007

Danya's Early Birthday Party

We celebrated Danya's 7th birthday about two weeks early this year so that her school friends could come. Tomorrow is her last day of school, so they'll all get to giggle and talk about her party together. She invited her friends from her Tuesday homeschool charter school and a couple of friends from church. This picture only shows half of her guests.

We had her party at Chuck E. Cheese. Each kid got almost 30 tokens and they all had a blast! They took lots of silly pictures together, pretended to surf in a 4x4 truck that lifted up and down and tilted side to side. Everywhere we could hear litte girl voices yelling, "Danya! Come ride this with me!" or "Come take a picture with me!" She was so excited!

The biggest blessing was that our two babysitters, Shannon and Sarah, came with us. They took turns playing with Kevin and taking him on rides and generally being helpful with everything. So Daniel and I were able to really enjoy the party and not stress out at all. I still can't believe my baby, my oldest, is 7 years old already.

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christina said...

7 thats so hard to believe, i just looked at pics from when she was dedicated. how time flies. miss you guys.

ps: i need your address please steven didnt give it to me the other day.