Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Amazing Backyard Nature!

This afternoon we went on a nature walk along a trail near our home. The girls each brought a bucket and collected things like different kinds of wild mushrooms, leaves, a flower from a Yucca plant, and some other odds and ends. It's a beautiful day, perfect weather, and nature just seemed to be showing off!

We saw several different types of trees, birds, and rocks. Even people's yards were interesting on the way to the trail. One house had a type of volcanic rock used as decoration in their front yard, while their neighbor's had sandstone rocks. Part of the trail passed beside some marshy areas, so we got to explore the kinds of plants that grow there. The marsh was full of different birds that would fly out when we startled them. It was awesome finding so many interesting things just a few minutes walk from our house!


April said...

How lucky to have so many great things within walking distance to your house!! Sounds like another fun day.

By the way....I like your daughters matching t-shirts. Too cute. I have to try to find some like that for these guys.

Jess said...

I got them at Target.