Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Long Day

Today has seemed incredibly long even though it wasn't terribly eventful. Shannon spent the weekend with us, in fact she's sleeping in the bottom bunk in Danya's room right this minute. Last night she watched the kids for us while Daniel and I went out for a quick dinner at a steak house. Then we picked up some new workbooks at Borders. Danya is starting the Daily Learning Drills for 3rd Grade (yes, she's a 2nd grader) and Gloria is starting the 2nd Grade one this year. We also got Danya a workbook titled The Complete Book of Our Solar System since she is studying astronomy and Earth Science this year.

Last night I stayed up late planning out our school work for the year. What I do is count up how many pages each workbook has, then divide it by the number of days (172) in our school year. Then I know how many pages a day they have to get done. For short books I can get an idea of when it will be completed during the year.

This morning Daniel took me to a few yard sales. I found a beautiful dresser with a mirror on one side and a row of drawers on the other. I still can't believe they sold it to me for $30! So now every bedroom has a dresser. It was like watching a comedy movie when Daniel and two guys (one of which didn't speak any English) tried to load the dresser into our van. We tried leaving it hanging out with the back doors tied partially shut with string, but it didn't work. They followed us home with the dresser in the back of their truck.

Shannon, the kids, and I walked a couple miles to return movies to the Red Box and to pick up some taco shells from Albertson's. On the way back my knee went out again. I've been having problems with my knee for a couple of months now. Every so often it just seems to slip out of alignment and swell up. It hurts like crazy! I'm thinking of having it x-rayed. I ended my very long day soaking my knee in the tub. Well...technically I guess I ended it just now blogging. Good night!

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