Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just for Christina and Steven

Christina and Steven, this post is for you! Daniel says we absolutely have to put this picture on our blog so that you can see that your gift is still just as appreciated today as it was 5 years ago or so when you gave us this perfect little wagon.

Today it hauled 3 kids around the neighborhood. It became a discovery toy as Kevin repeatedly dropped his Weeble Wobble toys over the side and then peered over to see what would happen, looking so intent, as if he were discovering gravity for the first time. It held various flowers and pinecones that were collected along the way. It even got to be a roller coaster when Daniel, motivated by the screams of "Run, Daddy, run!", pulled the kids full speed down a steep grassy hillside leading into the park. So, we just wanted to say it again, "Thank you." You are wonderful godparents to our children.

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christina said...

YOUR WELCOME ! Im glad it has held up for these years.