Sunday, May 06, 2007

Window Seat

Today after church we took this cute picture of Kevin in the window of our van. He still fits for now. For lunch we went out with a couple that we met in Sunday school and their grown daughter. They have actually traveled through and around Israel last fall! We are interested in alot of the same topics like politics and Answers in Genesis , also this guy and Daniel are both in telcom, so they speak the same language. Their daughter is a sign language major in college, so the girls and I got to try out some of our signs that we've learned in homeschool.

After lunch Shannon, our babysitter, watched the kids for a bit while Daniel and I did a little shopping. I needed new printer ink for one thing. I'm trying to conserve some of my homeschool materials by making photo copies of certain workbook pages. Also, that way both of the girls get a copy of the same page so there's no arguing over who gets what. While we were out I tried on some jeans and actually managed to fit into a pair of size 10 jeans! Woo hoo!

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