Saturday, May 19, 2007

Little Entrepreneurs

During our yard sale this weekend the girls wanted to have a little sale of their own. They wanted to sell drinks, but I didn't have any lemonade or anything for them. So I let them sell the candy that I bought for after school treats. They get a treat for getting their homeschool work done quickly and with a good attitude. They sold gum and Laffy Taffy for 10 cents a piece and made about four dollars.

Danya also decided to sell some of her old toys and she made $4.50 on them. They were both so excited! On Friday I let them use the dollar they made to buy icecream from the icecream truck that stopped by, but today I made them hold onto it. After our yard sale we took them to the Thornton Kids Fest. It's free so it was packed. We stood in one line for half an hour! It was very hot, so I asked a total stranger if we could borrow some sun screen. The kids got a bunch of free stuff: balloons, cowboy hat, candy, pencils, etc.

The only downside? I forgot my camera.


OldQueen44 said...

Did the weight gain come from having your son?
You are doing great. They will love you at the reunion.

Jess said...

Actually, no, the only weight I gained with Kevin was 15 pounds that was gone immediately after his birth, so I attribute it entirely to baby weight. He was 9 pounds, then all the fluid and materials to grow know?

Good question, though. I think I'll post the reasons for my weight gain on my other blog sometime today.