Sunday, May 06, 2007

One Room School House

We've got our little school room set up in the basement and looking pretty good. We scooted the bookshelves back so that the school area would be bigger and shrunk the t.v./play area a little. Do you see these fantastic new desks we got at a yard sale this weekend?! Each desk seats two kids with storage in between. The family we got them from says they got them from a church school that was replacing them. They are exactly what we've always wanted and we got them for $5 each!!! We now officially have seven little desks, so we could seat all of our students at once when our family has expanded.

These desks are especially great because they provide such a nice big work surface. Now we just need to save up for more chairs. In the third photo you can also see the new bookshelf we got for $2 at the same yard sale. (Can you tell the previous owners were homeschoolers, too? lol) I'm going to wash the bookshelf and paint it yellow to match the basement. It fits perfectly in front of my scrapbooking table to hide all my clutter under there. We really needed the extra shelving, too.


christina said...

I love the basement. The desks! What a find! Those are great!

April said...

This is such an awesome space, you did a great job!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have been invisioning a room similiar to this for our next house once this one sells and we move. Keep us posted on how the space works out for you and any pros and cons that you run into!! Gosh you got and awesome deal on the furniture.