Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rainy Days and Fire Safety

I think it's Murphy's Law that says if you spend the morning washing all your windows inside and out, then it will rain all afternoon. We decided to clean the windows today after practising our fire drill. We posted our fire escape plans upstairs and down this morning. Then we showed the girls how to open the windows and had them practise climbing out through their bedroom windows. They thought that was great.

The bottom of their bedroom windows are exactly at ground level and face our neighbor, Marge's, house. After they climbed out they ran over to Marge's mailbox in her front yard and waited for us to meet them there. We also had them crawl on the ground and pretend their was smoke above them, and test their doors to see if they were hot. Next time we'll show them the classic "Stop, Drop, and Roll" routine.

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