Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Scrapbooking Room Organization

Here's some photos of my newly organized scrapbooking room. I've labled the different storage units alphabetically in the pictures. I thought you might be interested to know what's tucked neatly away in all those closed doors and drawers.

A: Cardstock, solid colored paper organized by size (8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12) and color
B: Drawers for small items divided into 6x6 paper, buttons, adhesives, ribbons/thread, metal, small stamps, etc.
C: Drawers for pages in progress, completed pages not yet in albums, give-away items
D: Top drawers for alphabet thumb punches, bottom drawers for duplicate photos and items from swaps
E: Sizzix dies (yellow), there are more of these drawers units for Sizzix (green and blue size) out of sight on the shelf in the top left of the photo
F: Scrapbooking magazine racks
G: Medium and large punches, these shelves also hold various medium sized tools and our playing card collection
H: Idea books, Albums, page protectors, and some homeschool books
I: Large tools like my light box, sizzix machine, templates, etc. and albums
J: Large Sizzix dies (red)
K: Photos organized by person and event
L: Alphabet stamps conveniently located next to my scrapbooking table
M: Patterned paper in coordinated packs
N: Scrap paper not yet filed away
O: Patterned paper organized by theme and kits organized by theme
P: Stickers organized by theme

That's most of it. I also have a travel bag for going to crops that I keep back up tools and supplies in so that I don't have to pack and unpack for a crop and I have a blue file folder that I keep scrap paper larger than my hand organized in by color. On my desk I keep a pretty bucket full of my pens and a metal tin with my most used tools (scissors, paper piercer, knives, eyelet setter, etc.) in it.

One last photo for an overview of the whole area. Notice the bookshelf that I painted yellow this week to blend in with the basement walls!


christina said...

that is awesome, you have a great space. im so happy for you, and soon you will have more pics and many more albums to be done of the new kiddos. Have fun!

Jess said...

"From your lips to God's ears!"
-Jewish saying

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Great organization.

I just posted a blog entry with homeschool student sample pages mashing digiscrapping with homeschooling! Come and tell me what you think.

Scrap Box said...

Very lovable scrap book home