Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Company's Coming!

We had alot of little projects left to do on the house, so we purposely invited our realtor and her husband over for dinner. We planned it a week in advance so that we could get as much done as possible in the intervening time. There's nothing like knowing that company is coming to your house to make you kick it into high gear to get your work done!

So we unpacked boxes, cleaned every room, installed baseboards (what Daniel's doing in this photo), cut the last piece of counter top, installed the towel rods in the downstairs bathroom, bought and hung some new pictures, touched up the paint to cover pencil marks on the walls around the kitchen cabinets (with the wrong shade of yellow, oops!), painted the ledge in the window between the living room and kitchen white, painted the tops of the closet doors white, cleaned up the backyard, bought and hung new curtains, and generally wore ourselves out.

The house looked great, we got everything but Danya's door and a few pieces of trim done, and we had a great dinner and got to play board games with our guests. Now to collapse and recover!

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