Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kevin's First Sneakers

We bought Kevin his first official pair of sneakers today. No more soft flexible shoes for him. They are size 6 1/2 wide. We got them at Kmart for $10, mainly because they were the only pair that we could fit over his chubby feet.

He had picked a pair that had flashing lights, but unfortunately they just weren't able to encompass his fat little clodhoppers. (for those of you not native to the midwest, "clodhoppers" are what you wear on your feet when hopping over clods of dirt while walking through a fresh plowed field on a farm)

Kevin loves to walk around, holding onto someone's hands. I think he prefers it to crawling because it gives him better access to all the interesting items on low tables. I wonder if he'll be the first of our kids to walk before the age of one.

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