Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Home Cookin'

We've been trying to eat a little more at home lately. Recently I've experimented with a few new meals like tuna wraps and bar-b-q brisket. I made a chicken stew with diced potatos and carrots yesterday. So far everything I've made has been a surprising success.

Honestly, I didn't think the girls would like the tuna wraps. It was just a wheat tortilla with diced tomato, herb and garlic tuna, and grated mozzarella cheese in it. It didn't look much like this picture of a tuna wrap that I found online. The girls raved over the wraps! They said we have to make it again sometime when Daddy is awake so he can try it, too. Hopefully we'll get into the habit of making more meals at home. We're trying out recipes that can be expanded to feed more people since we're expecting our family to grow soon by a few more mouths.

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christina said...

we are trying to eat at home and healthier foods if you need anymore recipes we have a few good ones. like whole wheat pancakes, and some muffin recipes. im so excited you are eating healthy.