Friday, April 27, 2007

A Fascinating Man

The kids all decided to watch their dad while he was putting new string in the weed eater the other day. They were totally absorbed by him. They also watched for quite a while as he whacked down the forest of weeds that was taking over our back yard. Poor Daniel, he had to do the whole thing with the weed eater. He says once he clears out some of the rocks and things he'll be able to use the lawn mower for some parts of it, so it will go a little bit quicker. In the meantime, his shoulders really got a work out. He said the next day that he won't do that again on a Wednesday. That's the day of the week that he doesn't get to sleep except for a tiny nap, because he starts his work week that night. Poor guy. (but the yard looks good!)

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I have a good life said...

You have such a hard working DH. I have one, too, and they are wonderful. What would we do without them? (btw...I got the baby suit at JC Penny)