Monday, April 23, 2007

Body Art at YOUR AGE?!

Gloria is learning about the human body for science right now. She got to participate two years ago when Danya was doing this same topic, but now that she's older she'll probably understand it better and learn more. We'll cover it again in a few years in more detail. It's all part of the plan laid out in The Well Trained Mind by Wise & Bauer which we are following as much as is appropriate.

The girls had so much fun being traced on the floor, then decorating and cutting out their bodies. They placed them all over the house; at the table, on the couch. They would sit next to their paper person and say, "Okay, guess which one is the real me!" Of course, we'd pretend we couldn't tell at first. Finally we taped them up on the wall in the stairwell to look like they are walking up the stairs.

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