Monday, April 23, 2007

A Little Too Far

Here's Daniel and Kevin starting our ill-considered walk the other night. Do you see that pinkish purple tree in the top corner of the photo? That's the tree in our front yard.

We headed out on our family walk around 6:20pm or so, thinking we could walk to Sam's Club about 2 miles away with three kids and make it home before bedtime at 8pm. HA! Clearly we were overly optimistic. Daniel turned back after we'd been walking for about 45 minutes and weren't even close yet. He went home and came back with the van. By the time he caught us, the kids and I had gone 1.7 miles and STILL couldn't see our destination.

He drove us to the store to get a pretzel, which was our reward/goal at the end and to see if they had any art supplies, which they didn't. They also didn't have any pretzels left at the snack counter. So we bought in bulk. Ah, the joy of Sam's Club. We bought 82 pretzels in one box for around $30, including salt and cinnamon/sugar packs. We've been eating 4 a night and they are still overflowing our freezer. It's a good thing Dan finally got the extra fridge/freezer cleaned and assembled or we'd have no room for anything else!

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