Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 Reasons NOT to give a baby a bunny

1. He'll end up wearing most of it.
2. Wipes won't be enough, you'll have to give him a bath.
3. He'll puke most of it onto his clean clothes after the bath.
4. Seeing that may make you revisit the bunny you ate, too.
5. He'll "share" by smearing his chocolatey hands all over you.
6. The chocolate will get smooshed down into the cracks of your new kitchen floor.
7. Everyone else will conveniently "not see" the mess and you'll end up on your knees scrubbing the floor with a wet sponge.
8. Your older kids will accidently step in it and track the chocolate throughout the house.
9. Everyone else will conveniently not see the mess and you'll have to clean that, too.
10. The baby will cry because you don't have any more chocolate bunny left.

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