Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Livable Living Room

When I was eight I called the living room the "parlor", and I called the couch the "sofa". Whatever you call it, it's finally done. The upstairs bedrooms are also finished. I'm thinking about moving the bench that you see against the wall in this photo, because the room feels crowded over there. I also want a much bigger picture, or possibly a group of pictures on the wall over there. What matters though, is that the whole room is clean and neat, and just feels good to relax in.

We also recently hung some new blinds and curtains around the house. I'm still searching for the perfect curtains to hang over the back sliding glass doors in the kitchen. If I choose yellow, it may seem like too much yelow since the walls are yellow. I'm sort of looking for something with yellow mixed in. Feel free to send me ideas!

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