Sunday, April 08, 2007

Counting our Chickens...

Today we bought and assembled new bunk beds for the kids we hope to adopt! Maybe we are 'counting our chickens before they hatch', but we see it more as being prepared and hoping for the best. Daniel and I are looking forward all the time to having more little chickadees in our nest!

We keep talking and dreaming about what it will be like to have a larger family. We bought a membership to Sam's club and spent a day comparing prices to see what is worth purchasing in bulk. We are going to attempt to do our shopping once a month. We're going to put a big metal rack out in the garage next to the extra refrigerator. It will be an extra pantry, so that we can keep more of our frequently used items on hand. We figure we'll basically be doubling our grocery budget with that many extra kids!

The bunk beds look great and smell strongly of pine. We'll hopefully be able to purchase the mattresses next pay day. The girls lifted one side of the top bunk and set it on top of the bottom bunk! I wasn't there to help because I'd gone to get dinner. Daniel said he didn't think they could lift it, but they proved they are super strong girls! I wonder whether there will be girls or boys sleeping in these beds soon?

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christina said...

ok is there anything new i keep checking and no new news. miss you all.