Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Growing Wild!

Part of the girls' graduation gifts included packs of wildflower seeds and gardening tools. They each picked a sunny spot in the yard to plant their seeds and had a blast getting dirty. Thanks for the idea, Christina!

Our yard is growing a little wild lately, too. It's such an odd shape that it would be extremely difficult to mow it. Daniel needs to get out there with the weed eater, but we haven't remembered to buy string for it yet.

I was thinking today that homeschooling allows my children to grow somewhat wild and free also. For them almost every day involves the freedom to explore and play and do whatever interests them. School work gets to be a small part of the day finished by lunch time and then their day is theirs. It's like that feeling we used to get as kids on Saturday mornings or during summer break when we'd wake up knowing that the whole day is ahead of us just bursting with possibilities. My kids are so blessed!

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