Sunday, April 29, 2007

Retail Therapy

I think they call it "retail therapy" when women shop to deal with stress. In my case, I haven't been feeling well this weekend. This afternoon Daniel suggested we go out to eat for lunch at Applebee's. Let's just say it wasn't our best dining experience ever.

So after that frustrating event we decided to stop by Kmart to look for curtains and maybe a new shirt for me. Since I've lost weight, I got rid of all my oversized clothes and now have very little left to wear. I came home with:

one new shirt, two outfits for Kevin, a new fleece Tinkerbell blanket for Danya's room, a Cars pillowcase for Kevin, two new pillows, a pair of shoes for Kevin, the Cars movie on DVD for the kids...

and no curtains. We are having some difficulty choosing kitchen curtains. We also shopped for but didn't find a new wedding ring for Daniel. His ring snapped in half the other day. This "retail therapy" stuff is expensive. I think in the future I should stick to cleaning my house when I'm stressed, worried, or sick. That's a tried and true method and doesn't cost anything.


Anonymous said...

whow look at that sexy new body


Jess said...

Now Jennie, this is a family friendly blog. I appreciate the compliment, but don't make me edit you, lol.