Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CU Discovery Center

We went with Danya's homeschool charter school in the rain to Colorado University in Boulder. There in the Space Grant Discovery Center we went on an interactive tour to learn about different aspects involved with the Mars Rover.

In this picture the girls are testing solar panels with different wattage light bulbs. They also got to participate in some battery experiments, learn about binary code, and play with pixel blocks while learning more about digital images.

At the end they watched a video about the Mars Rover. Then we stood on the bottom floor looking up while the 5th and 6th graders dropped their Lego constructions. They had to use Legos to protect a light bulb wrapped in aluminum foil just like the Mars Rover was wrapped up to protect it from impact when it landed on Mars. Only one light bulb survived and still worked. It was great watching all the exploding Legos as each one hit the ground!

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