Thursday, April 19, 2007

Curriculum at a Glance

Last night I gathered up our main books for homeschooling so that I could plan out our work for the next week. This morning I stacked them up in the living room after we finished our homeschool work for the day. Now, this is by no means ALL the books we use, but it represents the most frequently used books. There are two new additions since yesterday we received the activity book that goes along with our history book "The Story of the World" and "The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia" which we'll be using mainly for it's awesome reference section at the back right now.

At the moment we are learning about:
History: Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. The girls can name all the major Greek Gods/Goddesses and tell you something about each one. We are also reading a longer version of the Odyssey.
Math: Danya is learning her 3 times tables. Gloria is working on place value.
Grammar: Abbreviations and initials, also penmanship
Bible: Romans 5:8 for Truth Quest at our church.
Civics: They've almost got the entire preamble to the Constitution memorized!
Science: Danya is studying storms for Earth science and Gloria is studying the human body.
Art: This semester we are learning about the Impressionists. This week is Manet.
Music: They are studying types of instruments and learning to play the trumpet.
Languages: Spanish and American Sign language. We're also going to start learning Greek.

There's always a few other little things, but that is our core curriculum at the moment!

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