Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Laugh It Up!

Kevin's so funny! He finds amusement in the smallest things like splashing water, messy icecream, and silly faces or noises. Yesterday he took a bath with Gloria sitting on the side of the tub. There was only a couple of inches of water in there, but he went to town splashing and laughing that hard gut laugh of his. Gloria would scoop water into a cup and splash it against the tub wall and Kevin would just explode laughing! He even whined if she took too long before doing it again.

Yup, he definitely rules the roost here. He has moments of quiet time playing by himself, facinated with a car while he makes "vroom vroom" noises. Mostly, though, he expects to be held, fed, or entertained at all times. He'll whine and scream if we aren't obeying him fast enough. We're trying to teach him not to scream for food. Instead we're teaching him to do the "more" sign with his hands. So far he's only done it a few times. I think he's confused because it seems similar to when we tell him to "clap, clap" his hands. I'm praying he figures it out soon.

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