Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nine and feelin' fine!

Nine months old and already Kevin looks like a little man! Here he is in his Easter outfit, tie and all, holding his nine month old sign. We took this at the last minute trying to get ready for church this morning. He didn't really want to cooperate, so this was the best of the photos we managed to get while he squirmed and snatched at the sign.

This little guy has changed a lot lately. He's crawling all over the place, diving fearlessly from a sitting position to the floor. He's got four teeth coming in on top and uses them on everything and everyone! His latest word is "hat!" He still doesn't say "mama".

He eats all kinds of solid foods now. He still hasn't managed to drink from a straw. He can walk sideways while holding onto something. He also broke the laptop. He snatched the "alt" key off and it won't go back on. His feet are too big to fit in any shoes. They are just some seriously fat feet. It's not the width, it's the top to bottom. Baby shoes just weren't designed for solid guys like Kevin.

What's really fun is his quick mind! He understands so much of what we say. He knows what "kisses", "bang bang", "swing", "no", and other words mean. You can show him once how to do something, and he'll imitate it. Danya showed him how to comb my hair instead of eating the comb, and he immediately started trying to comb my hair and Danya's!

The only real irritating thing he does is fight us when we try to put him in his car seat. He'll arch his back and scream at us. Once he's buckled, though, he chats happily and chews on his toys. I also wish his naps were longer. Some days he's out for an hour, other days he takes 10 minutes to recharge and is ready to go again.

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