Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thankful for Freedom

We were driving back home from the field trip yesterday in the rain, sleet, and snow surrounded by wall to wall traffic and crazy drivers, like the lady in the 15 passenger van who honked at us because we didn't move fast enough for her, when I just had to thank God.

I saw these two buses ahead of us full of school kids, headed home, still stuck on the buses a full hour after school had let out. I thought about their parents and how they must feel, worried that their kids weren't home yet, worried that there are no seat belts in those buses and the roads are slippery. I just had to thank God that my children were safe with me in our vehicle, buckled up and trying to giggle and whisper quietly in the back because their baby brother was asleep in front of them. Thank God we have the freedom to homeschool.

Please pray for the families in Germany who are being denied that freedom right now and are in some very scary circumstances.

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