Sunday, November 04, 2007

Windy Sunday

Today we had seven kids in our van on the way to church! It's fun knowing that we still have room for three more! We sang songs and did the hand motions. It was great!

Latte did much better at church this morning. We've figured out that she does better if Daniel takes her to class. That way "Mom" isn't leaving her with a stranger. After church we all went to McDonald's to play and have lunch. Latte hid in the back of the van under a bench seat, giggling, and wouldn't come out. So we all went in except Daniel. He laid down in one of the back seats and said, "Okay, we can take a nap while everyone else goes to play." She stood up, saw he was serious, and made a bee line for the door!

We've noticed that Latte is using her words more instead of baby talk or whining and pointing. So many of her issues seem to be solved with simple consistency. She really seems to be fitting into our family well and adjusting to all the house rules slowly but surely. Today we're having Sarah and Shannon spend the whole day with us so that she can adjust to them as "authority figures". Since they will always babysit at our house it should make it less scary for her when we have to be gone.

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