Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Family Trivia Game

This year for Christmas, since we were very low on funds and using everything we had for this trip to Oklahoma, we needed a good group gift idea for very little cost.

So we used a blank board game board that we ordered online at Bare Books to create a family trivia game. I searched through all my old picture files on my computer to find individual photos of all of our family members (on Daniel's side of the family), and then we printed them at Sam's in wallet sizes. At Sam's you get two wallets for 17 cents.

Then I called Daniel's family to ask them a bunch of questions. I typed them up in question and answer form and printed them on the cards that came with the game board kit. Then we decorated the board with a different family's photos down each side. The game was a hit! The objective was to go around the board answering trivia questions until you collected one face card (another wallet size photo) of someone from each family. After we played, the Maxwells spent the evening thinking up new questions to make more cards. This is a great game because it will grow as our family grows.

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